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A local Poly Resource [08 Nov 2009|07:34pm]

Hello, I would just like to introduce myself, since I have just joined the group.  I travel to Rochester often because that is where my oso lives, and my two ladies and I join in with the local meet-ups of a poly forum.  For those interested in joining in the discussion and maybe coming to a get-together there is a forum called The Birdcage, providing an alternative to the Yahoo Groups that seem to dominate.  If anyone would like more info, please let me know.
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Bored [14 Jul 2005|09:49am]

[ mood | productive ]


come on in
the waters fine...

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as promised... [20 Mar 2005|09:12pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

to the folks who have come and gone... I promised a few paragraphs about my views on Polyamorie with the advent of the next new member.

So here we are.

Polyamory is a neologism, signifying having more than one long term sexual loving relationship at the same time, with the full knowledge and consent of all partners involved. Persons who enter into or consider themselves emotionally suited to such relationships may define themselves as polyamorous, often abbreviated to poly. The term is sometimes extended to refer to similar committed familial relationships that are not sexual in nature.

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[20 Mar 2005|07:27pm]

[ mood | curious ]

I thought this was for polyamory
I shall watch this comminity anyway,...

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We have a member! [10 Jul 2004|03:52am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Welcome dragonstar266 to rochester_poly.

riffraff said that if you build it they will come (all night long)...

(I am a sucker for bad jokes.)

...and having gotten our first 'official' member (as riffraff && poeticdream are still only "watchers"), it feels a little bit more like I did not waste five minutes one day.

Yay for dreams coming true.

...now for the next goal, anyone posting 'sides my mindless drivel.


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[17 May 2004|02:09am]

[ mood | content ]


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polygamy [15 May 2004|07:22pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Why polygamy? (or polyandry or bigamy)

I honestly do not understand the finer points of it, but... I do not descriminate against anyone for their choice of lifestyle. However, as I am the only person posting thus far, here are some interesting ideas for why one might choose polygamy as their means of finding some enjoyment in relationships. If you have more information or a deeper view, please by all means, add to this.

polygamy has strong roots in the morman and christian and wiccan and other faiths

Perhaps you are christian and love one or more people in a romantic, sexual, fiscal, or otherwise manor... or are really bored with your spouse... or just like legalities and ownership and contracts and have multiple love interests...

polygamy is for you! a simple, moral, legal solution... well, the legality is questionable... since rochester is in america and polygamy is illegal in america... blame perpetual union of church and state for that one...

polygamy \Po*lyg"a*my\, n. [Gr. ?; cf. F. polygamie.]
1. The having of a plurality of wives or husbands at the same time; usually, the marriage of a man to more than one woman, or the practice of having several wives, at the same time; -- opposed to monogamy; as, the nations of the East practiced polygamy.
2. The condition or practice of having more than one spouse at one time. Also called plural marriage.
3. Zoology. A mating pattern in which a single individual mates with more than one individual of the opposite sex.
See the Note under Bigamy, and cf. Polyandry.

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