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as promised...

to the folks who have come and gone... I promised a few paragraphs about my views on Polyamorie with the advent of the next new member.

So here we are.
Polyamory is a neologism, signifying having more than one long term sexual loving relationship at the same time, with the full knowledge and consent of all partners involved. Persons who enter into or consider themselves emotionally suited to such relationships may define themselves as polyamorous, often abbreviated to poly. The term is sometimes extended to refer to similar committed familial relationships that are not sexual in nature.

Quite a few people have gotten angry with me when I bring up the idea of polyamorie. They tend to have precocieved 1+1=1 illogical notions.

At the core of every relationship, there are individuals trying to find some way of not being lonely. It is why we leave the house instead of being hermits.

I view any healthy romantic relationship as nothing more than a modified friendship. If one were to add anything to that, I feel that they are foolhearty.

Most definitions of "infatuation" very closely resemble the definitions of insanity. I am not saying that it is wrong to be infatuated, merely... not the most logically sound solution to the problem of being lonely.

I spent several months doing nothing but analyzing how I could best solve the problem of loneliness a few years ago. I tried Asexuality, and it worked. But I got lonely. I tried being just a slut, I got lonely very quickly. I also just tried finding "the one"... and became hope filled... and then pain filled when I realized (much like any intelligent human will) that there is no such thing as "the one"... there are merely people, and friends, and best friends, and lovers, and there is sex.

So I thought back on my life... is there any sort of a system of enjoying another human's shared time which avoids dependancy and promotes good feelings while maintaining a method of determining good ammounts of trust?

I came to the conclusion that polyamorie was the way to go.

I do not see any reason for one person to settle for one person. If someone feels like only one person can help them in any specific way, honestly, go them. I have yet to see anything other than sheer luck that brings people together in a manor that they are not best friends and yet are compatible life partners.

Some people get lucky while others stay lonely? Fuck that. I write the book on my life.

so this is a short version as to the question "Why would you choose Polyamorie?"

I accept terms of endearment such as slut and whore mostly in jest. I do not mind them though in any case. By all text-book definitions, I am a whore and a slut. heh, but textbook is not all there is to life.

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